Two West York Ambulance employees pass 15 years of service with the organization.

Nick Laughman and Clif Laughman

On August 9, 2001 Nick Laughman and Clif Laughman, no relation, both were hired as part time Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) with West York Ambulance. When we go through the hiring process we hope to get 5 years of service after the hiring. We exceeded all expectations with these 2 as it is now 15 years since they were hired.
Over the years both have been exemplary employees and have helped West York Ambulance in so many ways. Nick began as a part time EMT and moved on to full time but during his tenure he furthered himself by attending, and graduating, paramedic school at Harrisburg Area Community College. Nick has been an important part in West York Ambulance advancing from a basic life support to an advanced life support unit, an ambulance that runs with an Emergency Medical Technician and a Paramedic. He was the main source when we set up our first medic unit in 2007 when we purchased a Ford Explorer to run as this unit. Nick has now advanced to the position of Director of Operations where he handles the day-to-day duties of personnel and the ambulance
Clif on the other hand has been a part time EMT working at least 3 shifts per week for the past 15 years. This year Clif made a career change to become the fire chief for West Manchester Township. Congratulations Clif!!! While he is no longer an employee he is still a valuable friend to West York Ambulance. As a friend we are counting on him continuing some of the traditions he started by putting Christmas lights on the building and the trimming of the Christmas.
When we were going to be deployed to New Orleans in 2005 to help with Hurricane Katrina both Nick and Clif were the first to say they would be willing to take an ambulance and head south to New Orleans. We then were also deployed to New Jersey 2 times and both Nick and Clif were there again and willing to do whatever was necessary to help the people of New Jersey.
It has been a privilege to know and work with both of these men for 15 years. They are so dedicated, not only to West York Ambulance, but to whatever they undertake. We look forward to Nick serving the community for many more years with West York Ambulance and to have Clif as the fire chief of West Manchester Township.
THANK YOU NICK LAUGHMAN and CLIF LAUGHMAN for your service to West York Borough and West Manchester Township as employees of West York.
Employee Recognition


Chairman’s Message

Greetings on behalf of West York Ambulance, Inc. It is our privilege to serve as the primary emergency medical services provider in both West York Borough and West Manchester Township. West York Ambulance provides both Basic and Advanced Life Support on a 24- hour basis with a staff who is committed to providing high quality emergency medical service whenever and wherever you need it.
In the last two membership newsletters, I talked about the need for emergency medical service providers to combine resources to achieve cost savings as reimbursements shrink and costs rise. That need to regionalize still exists and conversations slowly continue among several providers, including West York Ambulance, Inc., to move forward in developing a new delivery model for emergency medical services in York County.
There are many hoops to jump through, from the state level to the local municipality level, to complete such a merger of several independent organizations. In addition, there is a rich history with most ambulance services in York County that must be accounted for in any regionalization plan. As these conversations continue, and new models are developed, we will keep you informed of our progress. Rest assured that our guiding principal as we engage in these conversations is you, the patient.
We thank you for your support of West York Ambulance. We look forward to providing high-quality emergency medical services to the citizens of West York Borough and West Manchester Township well into the future.

Rodney E. Drawbaugh
Chairman of the Board


President’s Message

“To provide a professional level of pre-hospital basic and advanced life support to the populace of West York Borough and West Manchester Township and surrounding municipalities.”
West York Ambulance, Inc. Mission Statement

As always when I sit down and write something to you, the residents, I would be remiss if I did not begin by thanking all of you for your continued support of the West York Ambulance. All of you that continue to join our organization are so greatly appreciated because without your support there are many items that we probably would not be able to purchase throughout the year. Each year your participation seems to get a little better and that is something that we hope will continue in 2017.
In projecting the remainder of the year we are on track to respond to approximately the same number of calls this year, in the 3,400 range. As in the past we still continue to maintain our “emergency” status and are not taking any routine transportation calls. Unfortunately if you do call for a routine transportation I will probably have to deny taking the call. Our biggest problem this year is in the staffing of our units thus we cannot even entertain the idea of doing routine transports at this time. There is a shortage of EMTs and Paramedics throughout the region and we are doing everything possible to keep our present staff, and even add on, but this has become very difficult. Our biggest goal through the shortage is to keep our ambulances on the street and properly staffed, which we are presently doing. If this sounds familiar I know you are reading our newsletters because I eluded to this in last year’s note. I will finish this year the same as last year, “we are managing and will continue to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the borough and township is covered 24/7.”
We did purchase the new heart monitor I mentioned last year for $25,000. This now gives us a backup unit in case a monitor fails. Something we purchased this year that was not budgeted for but the board thought they now have become necessities were protective vests for our personnel. Anyone who listens to news or reads newspapers or the media know the amount of shootings and stabbings that are happening. You normally hear about police officers being shot, well that also includes EMS personnel and we want to give our EMTs and Paramedics all the protection possible so they can continue to feel safe while performing their duties. In 2017 we are budgeting to refurbish one of our heart monitors and upgrade it which will cost approximately $13,000.
This year we reluctantly have agreed as a board that we must increase the cost of the memberships. For seniors it will be $25.00 for the year and for those under the age of 65 it will now be $40.00. As I mentioned we did this reluctantly but we do feel it is necessary to maintain equipment and staffing. In checking back over past years it has been over 7 years since we last increased any membership rates. We realize that everything is going up but unfortunately everything we purchase is going up also so we do hope this does not influence your decision on renewing, or joining, the club this year.
We have nothing but the greatest respect for all of our residents that we serve and hope that you have the same feelings about our organization, one of the finest in York County. Your continued support through memberships and donations allows us to maintain our headquarters, the best ambulances, and up-to-date equipment. With all of the support we will continue to serve you in the manner in which you are accustomed. By replying with your completed membership you will help us financially. Thank you and have a great 2017…

“I would be remiss if
I did not begin by
thanking all of you
for your continued
support of the
West York Ambulance.”
–Denny Reigart


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WYEMS Board of Directors

2016--WYA Board of Directors

WYEMS Board of Directors,

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Kay Reigart, Dennis Reigart, Rod Drawbaugh, Dave Wood, Bill Meals

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Art Smith, Steve Smith, Bryan Peterson, Bill Niehenke, Jeff Laird



We are currently hiring ALS providers.
Current paramedic/PHRN cert, PALS, ACLS, CPR, Hazmat awareness, IS100-200-700-800, EMSVO.